Catholic Clergy Worried Over Herdsmen Killings

Henrietta Ashikodi Umuahia:

The Rev Father in charge of Madonna Catholic Church Rev father Christian Anokwuru said the rate of killings in the country was worrisome and need urgent attention.

The Rev father stated this, while preaching to the congregation in the topic, ‘change the Change. He noted that the rate at which Fulani herdsmen waste life in a gruesome manner and destruction of farmlands need urged attention.

He noted that if the Fulani herdsmen attack are not addressed urgently is a time bomb waiting to explode and capable of consuming the nation

On the bible reading taking from the book of Samuel, said change could be positive or negative but added that being focus and hearing from God could bring a positive change.

The clergy  noted that once you belief in  God and is focus God will  always bring good people as he did to Samuel using the man of God Elli, he said Elli  brought about positive change in the life of Samuel which helped him grow and became great.

Father Anokwuru maintained that Nigeria  have good mantra like change beings with you without beginning from those in authorities adding that he was poised to bring positive change through his  positive preaching.

He in a strong terms condemned the ways countries in the western world is embracing the gay marriage adding also that the tread is gradually creeping into Nigeria, he noted that it was unfortunate the way sciencetism  was taking the place of God.

He maintained that the world is not direactionless adding that the way you make your bed is the way you lie on it, he called on the youths to brace up for the futures.

The Rev father who also is the administrator of Madonna hospital, Umuahia regretted that while Nigeria is planning for next year, countries like America is having 100 years plan, he noted that many countries that was at par with Nigeria had fast gone ahead, he pointed that country like India has just launched it rocket while Nigeria is still battling on how to feed it nation