Former Law Maker Fault Ikpeazu,  South East Governors Over IPOB

Henrietta Ashikodi Umuahia:

A stalwart in the All Progressive Congress (APC) Chief Godfrey Onyemaobi has blamed the south east governors, especially Abia State governor Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for over looking the activities of IPOB members until it  degenerated into the military invasion of Umuahia and death of many.

Onyemaobi, an elderly statesman a residence and a son of Afara, revealed this to the statesman newspapers
stated that the governors did not take steps to stop the activities of IPOB leader and his members before it escalated to the point army had to intervened and lives were lost.

The second republic law maker in old Imo House of Assembly argued  that if Ikpeazu had been proactive and stopped members of IPOB from entering Afaraukwu  the ancestral home of their leader the level of casualties recorded last week would have been averted.

He maintained that Kanu’s activities posed danger, there was a clear signal and immediate actions needed to have been taken. He however blamed the south east governors, especially Abia  governor for failing to act on time became of their 2019 governorship ambition.

“The decision to ban IPOB  was belated it should have taken place before now ,they were afraid to speak out, they feared that their election might  be disrupted by the group if they opposed their activities” He however thanked the president for giving his approval for the withdrawal of military from the streets of Abia after it four days operation Python dance.

Chief Onyemaobi said he had before now granted press briefing condemned the activities of Nnamdi Kanu and it members noting that he knew if things continued this way there was impending danger. He debunked the rumour that Afaraukwu people were in support of what Kanu and his family were doing, he said he Knew that IPOB posed a big threat to the community and had earlier made the world to know of the upcoming danger.

The former law maker warned against anything that would bring civil war in the country, adding that the reprisal attack in the north would have been disastrous.