Frustration As Protesters Meet EEDC Office Under Lock And Key

Some Residents of Owerri, Imo State Capital could hardly endure their frustration when they took to the Streets in a peaceful Protest against what they described as ill treatment meted out to them by Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, (EEDC).
The EEDC Office at Royce Road Owerri was under Lock and Key as both the Manager and Public Relations Officers were not on Seat when Protesters pleaded with the Network Manager of EEDC Royce Road to expedite action to repair their Transformer  because their Businesses have crumbled for about sixteen months the Problem of Electricity started in their Areas of Residence.
The Protesters numbering over four hundred came from Tetlow Road, School Road, Oparaugo Street, Odagu Street, Umuororonjo Plaza and some parts of Ekeukwu Owerri. They were carrying Placards with inscriptions like; “EEDC come and repair our Transformer,” “EEDC where is our Cable”, etc.
According to the Chairman of the Committee on Transformer Unit repair in the affected Areas, Mr Agwunonu Victor, the people were angry over what they described as inhumanity to man by the Distribution Company.
He disclosed that for over a year and some months, those Areas mentioned have not had Electric light, a situation that has subjected the Residents to untold hardship.
Mr Agwunonu explained that the most annoying aspect of the situation is that EEDC have continued to send Bills to the Residents of the Areas even when they did not consume Electric Power Supply.
He noted that the Committee had written series of letters to the Manager of EEDC located in Royce Road, who is in charge of the Area to help repair the Transformer but they have not been able to do that.
Explaining further, Mr. Agwunonu said EEDC had told the Committee on Transformer Unite Repair to contribute  money and buy all the necessary items needed for the repairs before it could be repaired.
And while the Committee made those affected by the problem to contribute over eight hundred thousand naira, used in buying Cables, Oil and other items for the repairs, they handed the items over to EEDC Royce Road only for the Cable and other Items bought to be stollen the following day the Company started the Installation.